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Take a brain break with me :)

It can be incredibly hard to focus and slow down our mind and thoughts when it comes to mindfulness practice so I've taken my love of writing and put together a little mindfulness narration for you, to help your imagination engage in a relaxing scene. Don't forget to keep breathing in slowly and out slowly as you listen to help kick in your parasympathetic nervous system. Close your eyes and allow my voice to take you on a relaxing journey. Find a place to settle where you feel comfortable. You can even do this in your car or pop your headphones on during our lunch break. This will be up on my podcast beautifulmindsnz!

I invite you to engage your imagination for a few minutes, with me and give your brain and body a few minutes break.

You are standing overlooking a vast expanse of open fields. The sun is warm and pleasant, not too hot. The temperature is perfect and you can feel the gentle wind caress your cheeks and hair as it blows around you. The wind is not bolshie, but playful, like a ribbon dancing around you. There is a golden glow that has lit everything up and you breathe in deeply and smile taking in the liquid gold goodness around you.

Looking up, you notice there are only wispy clouds in the sky and you pause for a few moments and allow your eyes to drink in that restful baby blue expanse. You feel joy bubbling up inside and a wave of peace, rest and contentment washes over you and you feel any tension and stress melting away and flying off like little birds with the wind.

You decide to make your way down the hill towards some trees and you can feel the soft cushion of the thick lush grass under your feet. The sun catches the tips of the long wisps of grass growing wildly around you and you notice as the wind blows they bow and bend and go with the flow as if in full trust and ease. You can smell the sun and the faint sweetness of star jasmine in the air. You arrive at a group of trees and decide to take a seat beneath one, in its shade, allowing it’s sturdiness to support you. The grass underneath you feels cool and soft to the touch.

As you sit, and wait you check in on yourself and notice how much more relaxed you feel that you decided to take this time out for yourself. You notice a calmness in your breathing and body. Your heart expands with appreciation to be able to savour this moment and you are reminded of the blessings in your life. You take a few minutes to give thanks for all these blessings in your life.

In a few minutes you’ll be able to go back feeling refreshed, renewed and filled up just a little bit more. Remind yourself you can do this and you’ve got this thing called life and you’ve got all the solutions you need to navigate it and giving yourself moments like this is what is going to help sustain you.

Cath xoxo


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