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meet Cath...

Born in the Philippines, but a true kiwi at heart, I placed my feet on this beautiful land of Aotearoa, blessed with a connection over 30 years ago. 

My father- a national artist in the Philippines and an entrepreneur, passed down something special, an artistic skill and passion for art and business. Painting is something I have been doing for 19 years. Whilst it started off as a part time hobby when my children were born, it has come to be something so much more. It's an intuitive process, a therapeutic outlet, but more importantly- an expression of thoughts, emotions, intuitions, desires and experiences that cannot be portrayed by words alone.


Coming from a life and background of challenges, art has given me the outlet to express my emotions and feelings, in waves of colours and forms- which tell so many stories. It's a way for me to channel purpose into what I do, with the most blessed result in making a difference and and having a positive impact on people. Navigating my way through life while experiencing loss, PTSD and anxiety, has led me to a place where I can appreciate the strength within myself. Whilst healing from these experiences I am also, as well as many others-  a parent, a wife, business owner and a friend.

Looking back now, all of this has made such a huge impact on my perspective for self love and self-care. I have developed such a passion for mental health. To serve others through what I do, a desire to witness people grow, develop and become "whole" again has become my second nature. The biggest feeling of success I get back from creating art, is giving people an opportunity to have that "mindful moment". For me, I look at providing that opportunity as replenishing what I take. That space of opportunity can empower people to make themselves feel great again and create a space for  people to tell their story. Stories need to be told, compassion and kindness needs to be shared.

Art to me, is a never ending circle of inspiration. The impact that inspiration can have, can offer so many branches to inspire and encourage people. All it takes is just the smallest connection to an artwork. A picture paints a thousand words, yet can take you to a calm place of mindfulness and soulfulness.


Offering support to those who feel inspired should be celebrated. Take our small local NZ businesses for example. It's not often enough that they are applauded or recognized for the hard yards and challenges they have had to face. Giving support where I can and empowering others, are small yet powerful rituals I have learned to do daily. We should be celebrating each one's success and achievements, educating and empowering others to make conscious choices.

I invite you look at every opportunity you have been given, as a seed. If you plant that seed, it will grow and multiply, it will create branches of opportunities and places for you to appreciate what was once, just the beginning.

My name is Catherine Sanvictores, and welcome to my space of growth, connection, self-love and positive validation x

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