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An Introduction to Beautiful minds NZ!

Hello! You are welcome here!

You may have come across this page by accident or on purpose and either way I welcome you to this safe space in the big wide world of the internet. Your time is so very precious, so I want to bring you content that goes straight to the heart of the matter, that asks questions in a way that is authentic and feeds the searching soul. Here you will find content and hopefully answers to inspire you wherever you are on your journey of life and business.

Beautiful minds is here to INSPIRE and to bring INSPIRATION

This beautiful word comes from the Latin word Inspiratus and Inspirare meaning to breath into, and describes the drawing of air into the lungs. When I picture drawing air into the lungs, I think of life, this inflation reflex gives us the oxygen that we need to live. This illustrates to me that without inspiration in our lives, life can lose it's magic and we can feel dull. So this space exists to remind you about that magic! You will find on this blog and on the Beautiful Minds podcast, stories from people from all walks of life and authentic chats about a plethora of subjects! Why? Because I believe that the same challenges and lessons can represent themselves in all sorts of different situations and the common denominator, is that the lessons and wisdom we learn can be similar. You are not alone. There is strength in diversity and you will read and hear the stories and experiences from a diverse range of people. Upon hearing or reading about their stories, I hope the inspiration in you will be sparked as I believe inspiration is always the beginning of new ideas, finding solutions, fresh hope, fresh confidence in yourself.

"Inspiration awakens us to new possibilities by allowing us to transcend our ordinary experiences and limitations. Inspiration propels a person from apathy to possibility, and transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities. Inspiration may sometimes be overlooked because of its elusive nature. Its history of being treated as supernatural or divine hasn’t helped the situation. But as recent research shows, inspiration can be activated, captured, and manipulated, and it has a major effect on important life outcomes." [1]

Beautiful minds is here to inspire authentic exchange and CONNECTION

My desire is for you to experience a deeper sense of connection to your true self, and to the community around Beautiful minds. In a world where digital interactions and connections have risen considerably and will continue to do so, it is even more important to ground ourselves firmly, in the intention of true connectedness. Protecting what it means for us to truly feel and be connected socially. This platform will be one to cultivate true connection through authentic sharing and holding space for people to be able to share their stories.

Everyone has a story to tell. This space is for people to share their stories and for others to connect to those stories and not feel alone.

I think this Brené Brown quote speaks my heart about connection.

"I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship."

I believe true connection can be facilitated when one feels safe to express without judgement and there is a sense of belonging to a bigger whole. This is a basic human need which if not met impacts on our sense of well-being. [2]

Relationships need authentic connection to thrive and they are also give and take. There can be a wonderful sense of encouragement when one feels like what they have to give is valued, received and heard. Plus it is also uplifting to receive, yet this can be such a hard practice to learn for many. The act of receiving can also help us fill our cup. Life is about balance. If there is giving there must be receiving and it is this constant balance of both. We cannot always be giving and we also cannot always be receiving. I encourage you if you are challenged to receive to practice receiving from people you feel safe to receive from.

Feeling connected supports our mental health. It combats loneliness, cultivates a sense of belonging, improves our quality of life and sense of fulfillment and is better for our physical health. [3]

Beautiful minds is here to SUPPORT you

I hope that this platform will open up to you many new connections that come with opportunities. New friends, new business connections, new business ideas, just the theme new! The type of new that comes with a sense of freshness and anticipation, excitement, hope and a sense of open space. I am excited to see what will unfold and where this Beautiful minds journey will take us as I follow my heart and desire to give, inspire, connect and support, through the content you read from others and the podcast episodes I record.

Beautiful minds is here for COLLABORATION

There is strength and value in collaboration and I am excited to build an encouraging community around Beautiful minds. Everyone has something to bring to the table, everyone has something to give, to offer that is of value. I'd like to host a platform where skills and talents and the beautiful minds of the people I come into contact with are honored and given space. I have such a heart for small businesses to be recognised. The heart, time, sweat, sacrifices, tears and financial investment that goes into start ups is a LOT. The love that goes into hand-made products, the talent time and skill that goes into artworks and writing and video and music. I want to showcase the amazing small businesses in New Zealand.

"New Zealand is a nation of small and micro business – including self-employed. Defined as those with fewer than 20 employees, there are approximately 530,000 small businesses in New Zealand representing 97% of all firms. They account for 28 per cent of employment and contribute over a quarter of New Zealand’s gross domestic product (GDP). (Data source: Stats NZ.)

New Zealand has a higher percentage of small and micro businesses than other countries, noting that most countries define small businesses as having fewer than 50 employees. By comparison, our large enterprises are generally smaller than those overseas." [4]

Leave me a comment if this resonated with you. I would be so grateful if you followed our podcast Beautiful minds with Cath on Spotify. If you would like to connect with me for a possible podcast episode or you enjoy writing and would love to contribute to our blog, I would

love to hear from you! You can message me here.

Cath xoxox

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter - Izaak Walton


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