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Setting an intention for the week ahead

I'd like to share my intention for the week ahead with you and it's this...

I will call on support if I need it.

I don’t need to go through the challenges of this week on my own.

I can ask for help.

I don’t need to carry the mental load all on on my own.

I'm setting this so I can identify how I can take the steps to cultivate support around me this week and create small and do-able points for me to action. I'm also asking myself. What do I need?

Monday can suddenly come upon us, week to week and before we know it, it is mid-week then the end of the week arrives – it is FRIYAY then the weekend, then Monday again, and so it goes on like a cycle. Life can just happen to us and if you can resonate with this, I constantly review and work on how to better take care of myself. We are a work in progress – ALWAYS, and recognizing this, allows us the space to grow and change.

I do this because taking care of myself means I can be a better person for the world around me, a better person for myself, my family, my customers and to help me fulfill what I feel my purpose is in life! As busy independent and capable women, we do a great job of doing it all and being productive and efficient, and carrying the stresses that can come with the responsibilities. Cultivating this vulnerability and reaching out for support to people that we feel safe with, will greatly benefit our mental health and well-being and a deeper sense of being connected to a community. We may even become aware when we do reach out for support, how MUCH we do carry and the amount of stress we do have and that maybe, this is not sustainable in the light of our health and well-being.

We can apply this action of reaching out for support to many situations. In business, in our spiritual and emotional life, in our personal life with our friends and family, in our workplace, at our school or place of learning and in our communities.

BUSINESS – it could be reaching out to a coach or taking on a mentor, other business peers, a group you belong to, or other professional that has skills that you may not necessarily be strong in. What is a step you could take this week to reach out for that support? Write it down as an action point for yourself this week.

GIVING OUT - As a Mother, caregiver or natural nurturer of others, it may be you recognize your tank needs filling up. You might feel emotionally and physically depleted? What can you do this week for yourself to help fill your cup? Do you have a trusted friend or family member who can step in for an hour or so, to give you some me time? Maybe it's reaching out to your spouse or partner and communicating your needs, so they can help more with the kids this week to give you that 'me' time? Remember you are not alone and that there are others going through similar situations that may help, with the sense of feeling more supported and not isolated. You would be surprised actually at the amount of people willing to help and be there for you, if you reach out.

Here are some ideas below that may inspire or give you some ideas on ways you can reach out for support and also support yourself this week.

Scheduling a day off which provides you a slower paced day, in general with no expectations on what you do, but just simply a day off. Allowing for that breathing space you need and to fill your cup. If a day is not do-able, maybe an hour, or half day is less stressful to organize. Remember you are worth looking after and it is essential.

Connect with a trusted friend over a walk, coffee, zoom, phone call.

Ask for constructive feedback and thoughts on a particular aspect of your job or business or work for your development and growth. Take action on something in your business or work or personal life that has been on your to do list for a while and you may have procrastinated on. Your brain will benefit from the dopamine released from taking action and learning.


The time you sit with yourself before the week starts doesn’t need to be long, it can be a few minutes to get in touch with an intention you can keep in mind as a small goal for the week. You can create a particular time in your Sunday or early Monday to do this to establish a routine for yourself. Take a moment to review it at the end of the week and be proud of the moments you chose to take action, where you prioritized finding ways of supporting yourself! I love this because it cultivates mindful and intentional living. Life doesn't just happen to you, but you happen to your life and are assertive in taking steps for your own happiness and well-being.

I’m so passionate about encouraging you to take care of yourself and finding ways that are do-able in your week, reaching out to people for support is an amazing habit that will benefit your overall well-being!

Cath xoxox


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